• Create attack and damage rolls for any number of characters
  • Calculate the total damage of an attack by selecting contributing rolls
  • Handle critical success by multiplying individual damage rolls before calculating the total damage

DiceEQ helps users of the d20 and other similar table-top gaming systems to manage many of the actions involving dice. DiceEQ users can create "if A then B" scenarios used mainly during combat. DiceEQ especially helps Dungeon Masters to manage many different characters during an encounter. All of the attack and damage rolls for a character's turn can be rolled with a single button press. Then, those attacks that succeed can be selected and added to the calculation of the total damage. This simple utility will help speedup many dice related encounters.

In addition to combat, DiceEQ can be used to create simple "dice-based" equations involving arbitrary dice and simple numbers. If you have other suggestions on how DiceEQ can be expanded or improved to meet other, specific, needs please let me know here.