• Draw common shapes by simply dragging them out of a "shelf" or create your own shape creations and save them for later reuse
  • Create beautiful animations to better illustrate your point
  • Share your creations by embedding them directly into other web-pages

Graphsy is a chart and graph drawing application for the web. It focuses on usability and presentation. Users can create great looking graphs and embed interactive versions into other web pages. These graphs can be animated to further illustrate a point.

Graphsy is currently in the alpha stage of development, meaning lots of features are missing and those that are there are not complete or finalized yet. Lots of things will change rapidly. We are currently looking for more people to use Graphsy and help us make it better. For that purpose a simple feature request form has been created here. However, if you want to know more details on what is happening with graphsy you can check out Graphsy's tracking system here.