• Quick save: Whenever you exit Vortex Pool, the game is saved for you to continue when you get back
  • Play in-game sound effects while listening to your own iTunes Music
  • Compete against players around the world with in-game leaderboards

Vortex Pool is a simple, yet addictive game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Draw lines and try to bounce pucks into ever-moving vortex. The more pucks you sink, the higher your multiplier gets. Miss and you'll see it go down. Capture bricks for even more points, but be careful, they are the only thing stopping the pucks from going out of the arena. It's all about weighting risks, the longer you wait, the higher your multiplier becomes. But wait too long and you'll see it shrink.

If you have feedback or suggestions for future versions of Vortex Pool please contact me here.