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Hungry Vortex Released

Just got a note from Apple that Hungry Vortex has been approved at the app store. This is really a follow up to Vortex Pool, but with better everything. The game play has been tweeked, there are now multiple modes and power-ups. We’ve also added achievements, game center integration, way better graphics, and LOOT (so [...]

DiceEQ iOS4 Problems

UPDATE: Added a new version that seems to fix some of the issues. Unfortunately, there still appears to be a problem with iPhone4. DiceEQ on iPhone4 does not save all of the stats on exit. I only have an iPhone 3G so will try to find someone who will let me borrow their iPhone4 to [...]

Graphsy Update: Shelves and Bug Fixes

It’s been a while, but here is a new update for Graphsy.  The biggest change is the new shelves system for storing and using common objects. I have also changed the default behavior to have the shelf panel visible when Graphsy loads.  Every user gets two shelves by default, Basic Shapes and Basic Shapes with [...]

Short Graphsy Update

Haven’t posted anything lately so I wanted to catch everyone up on my progress. For the past few weeks I have been implementing a kind of shelf system to store custom shapes. That is more or less done. What’s holding up the update right now are some small bugs, UI enhancements, and performance upgrades. One [...]

Does everyone need to learn how to write code?

I have been debating this with myself for quite some time now. On one hand, it seems that writing code, or at least understanding enough about code to edit it, is quickly becoming a skill most people will find helpful to have.  Something like knowing how to put together IKEA furniture, not completely necessary to [...]

Graphsy Update: Custom Shapes

I’ve just added the ability to create custom shapes to Graphsy. This update ads a new button to the tool bar, right next to the object creation button. As with all of the previous drawing tools, users can choose to draw a single shape or several. Hitting the button once enters single shape mode and [...]

Graphsy Gets Animated

This has been a long time coming.  I’ve just added animation capabilities to Graphsy.  They are simple to start with, a Fade In, Fade Out, and Move animation.  But that should be powerful enough to create something interesting.  The best way to explain all of the new functionality is really just to show you.  So [...]

What's up with Graphsy

Just wanted to drop a line about a new features I’ve been working on.  It’s not on the list of requested features, but I think it’s pretty cool none-the-less.  I wanted to create controls that would allow for simple animations of graphs.  Something where nodes can be rearranged to demonstrate a point. The impetus for [...]

Testing the Tests via Mutation

To set the ground for this post I first need to reiterate a message that has been heard from many other sources.  Code coverage can only tell you how bad your test suite is, not how good it is.  Meaning that if you have bad coverage you know something is wrong, but a high coverage [...]

Graphsy Update: Save Your Colors

This new update brings with it a way to store colors in palettes.  The color picker has changed to include enough space for 23 colors.  Once a color is selected the user has to simply drag it from the display into 1 of the 23 slots available.  These color choices will stay with the user [...]