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Just how useful is design documentation?

When one begins to learn software engineering, they are usually encouraged to do some form of design before jumping right into the code. I remember some of my first computer science (CS) classes. We had to submit a design document in addition to the source code for any particular project. I remember hating it, but [...]

Graphsy August 20th Update

I’ve just put up a new version of Graphsy.  This update was a long time coming.  Unfortunately I got busy with non-Graphsy work so it took a bit longer than I anticipated.  Ohh well.  Enough with excuses, lets move on to details.

A small introduction to Graph Theory.

I’ve now seen a few comments from people using Graphsy trying to figure out exactly what a graph is.  By a graph I mean any kind of relational, or boxes and arrows, type of diagram. I guess the confusion shouldn’t really surprise me.  I remember being terribly confused when the notion of graphs was first [...]

Started using Zemanta

Just started using Zemanta, seems like a pretty cool service so far.  Will let you know more as I use it more.  Went back and reclassified some of the posts.  They may pop up as new in RSS feeds. Also notice the new look, one of the default WordPress ones so far, but I like [...]

Is Microsoft now the "underdog"?

Am I the only one who is starting to feel bad for Microsoft?  I remember when Microsoft was this big evil empire and anything was better simply because it wasn’t them.  Now they seem more like a little child trying desperately not to get beaten up by the older kids.  They seem like an underdog [...]

A Cornucopia of Features

I’ve been wanting to use cornucopia for a while now, glad to have the chance. Just put up a new update of Graphsy that implements a bunch of features and bug fixes. Most importantly, and most noticeably, the zoom features. Users can now increase or decrease the scale of their drawings. Currently the implemented zoom [...]

Post from an iPhone

Just downloaded the WordPress plugin for the iPhone. Figure I’ll give it a try on the train. So here is my quick review of the plugin. The WordPress plugin allows you to save the post localy for later upload. You can also edit posts already online. Basically you get all of the expected functionality when [...]

Graphsy Update/Status

Just posted a new update to Graphsy (  This update adds arrowheads to line segments.  Users can add an arrowhead to any line end point.  They can also add arrowheads to all endpoints with a single click.  Just like all other objects in Graphsy, the arrowheads are rendered by ImageMagick on the server as they [...]

Is perpetual Alpha/Beta really an issue?

I see this come up every so ofter, usually whenever someone remembers that Gmail is still in beta.  The real question is why does this label bother some people?  Gmail is a great product so does it really matter if the developers want to consider it beta and not version 1?  Aren’t version numbers really [...]

Ways to follow me and Graphsy updates

Just wanted to give everyone lots of options to keep track of what’s happening with Graphsy. First you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog or Graphsy’s main news RSS.  If you have twitter you can follow me at  Or if you prefer friendfeed, you can track me at  Trool was [...]